The BSPS Head Office have asked for the following to be circulated to the members:


Please be sure to read them.

Future Judge Bursary


Suggested New Pretty Polly Rules


Notice from Head Office:

Calling all Future Judges!


Training our judges for the future is critical and we have made some important changes:-


In 2017 we will hold a Training Event followed by Working Hunter Pony Assessment on Sunday February 10th and candidates wishing to come forward for assessment (who are not already on our Panel) will have to complete three stewarding appointments at any affiliated BSPS Shows, BSPS Area Shows or BSPS Championship Shows. 

They will also need to accompany an official BSPS Course Builder at a Show for a day before attending the Working Hunter Pony Assessment. 

Candidates must be BSPS members and the stewarding forms and course builders forms can be downloaded by clicking below. We would also encourage potential judges to undertake unaffiliated judging and accompany Senior Judges to shows to gain experience. 

If you have any questions, please contact or telephone 01487 831376.

Paul Cook


Potential Judge Stewarding Form

Potential Course Builder Form








If any member has any news, please email it to Sarah